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Empowering you to navigate the seas of life

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Our mission is to empower and support the yacht crew community.


The Myndful toolkit is a complete series of simple and easy techniques to boost your mental wellbeing and transform your daily routine.  We provide you with the tools you need to manage stress, find calm and access the support you need.

For only 44.44 €

6 countries

Our community is global. We work with crew from Europe, Africa, Australia and the US.

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6 years

With over 6 years experience working as crew and then as a certified mental health coach

50+ crew

We've worked with 50+ crew and counting. We want mental health support to be accessible to all crew 

My Services


Learn easy-to-use techniques, such as meditation, breath work and journaling. These exercises are tailor-made for the fast-paced life of yachting and will get you back on track. We'll show you how to take charge of challenges both on and off the yacht. 

  • Access the full Myndful Toolkit

  • Join our supportive community

  • Learn quick and easy techniques

  • Priced at just 44.44 €

One-to-one coaching

Through a range of techniques that combine science and spirituality, we will help you boost your positive and productive energy, equip you with practical approaches to stress and trauma, and create a personalised approach to your own well-being.

  • Get a free 15 min assessment

  • Book a session online

  • Three different options to choose from

  • Personalised solutions for you

“By changing nothing,
nothing changes”

Thomas Edison

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