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Online course

Learn the strategies and practices you need to manage stress, find balance and own the highs and lows of life. The online course includes a range of learnings and exercises which will guide you through this process.

For only 44.44 €

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Breath work

Easy to use Breathing Techniques, that regulate your nervous System to reduce Stress and are great on the Go!

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Emotional release

Learn how to efficiently and quickly release emotional tension in your body and why its important to do so


Learn how to communicate well with other and yourself, it will improve your overall communication style


Journaling has many benefits, its part of mind control and will help you put your mind at ease. Learn different journalling techniques, that will help you create a positive change

I had a wonderful session with Sarah, she explained what the process was going to be and I felt relaxed and calm. After the mediation session, Sarah did an in-depth connection which I was not expecting. I would with out a doubt recommend Holistic Coaching with Sarah, and I can’t wait to connect again. 

- Roxx Oshmann

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