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Meet Sarah, Founder of Mynd

Sarah Kroker once embraced that “living the dream” yachtie lifestyle as a former crew member, understanding all too well the demanding nature of work and life onboard.

She never dealt with her own struggles and emotions while working - from the toxic environments she suffered through to never prioritising her own well-being. Sarah knew something had to change, so driven by her story, she went on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

After using a range of self-healing and spiritual techniques, she began to find ways to juggle the challenges stressful situations gave her.

In 2022, while on this journey and adapting to life back on land, Sarah established her recruitment company. Here, she also recognised the state of other yacht crew’s mental health, which was in dire need of help, and that priorities in the industry were wrong.

Sarah’s empathetic nature triggered her to help others and make a change. She created her online course for the yachting industry, where she now shares her wisdom to help others make changes.

With her spiritual background, she saw the untapped potential for a more holistic approach in yachting that digs deeper into the root cause of mental challenges and how to put preventative measures in place.

After seeing the results first-hand and the transformation you can make in your mental well-being, Sarah knew she wanted to help all yacht crew be able to do the same. This was the beginning of her journey to launching Mynd.

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